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About Me

I am a development team manager and frontend web developer.

Dex Randall

Dex Randall

What I do:

Precision Management

I'm a good listener and communicator. I understand business needs and can distil them in to a clear architectural vision. I then produce a timely and workable plan and drill down to the detail level to engineer a high-quality result.

Frontend Development

Mobile-first delivery of responsive, usable and performant apps is what I love. I'm focussed on what works best for the client and how to deliver that quickly, consistently and to a high standard using agile methodlogy and build/release automation.

Team Performance

Team building and development are central to my work. I will bring out the best team performance, practices and product understanding. If the culture is right, the team will be happier and work to their highest potential.

Skills and Experience

What I have been using of late.

Web and Mobile Core Skills

  • Wordpress web site development

  • Responsive web frontend development (HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JS, ReactJS, JQuery, AngularJS, Ajax, JSON, API)

  • Mobile app development (ReactJS, AngularJS, Material Design, NodeJS, MySQL, PHP)

  • Agile (scrum)

  • Build and release with GIT, Grunt, Gulp

  • UI design, UX, usability and accessibility

  • Web and mobile performance optimisation

  • Full software development life cycle

Business Skills

  • High success rate at hiring, team building and mentoring

  • Good insight in to real business needs

  • Strong clear communication with stakeholders, clients, engineers and creatives

  • Broad business consulting and project management experience

  • Excellent collaboration, time management and team work

  • Strong attention to detail and quality

  • Desire to constantly improve customer service, internal processes and team skills

  • Product management, especially identifying any gaps

  • Business and technical analysis

  • Training, workshops and presentations

Tools & Integrations

  • Wordpress, Karta (marketing automation), Marketo (marketing automation), Mailchimp, Docebo LMS, Joomla CMS, SugarCRM, Amazon AWS, Social Media, Zendesk

  • JIRA, Agile (scrum)

  • Zendesk (helpdesk)

Work History

The Timeline

  • Wordpress


    Wordpress Consultancy, Spike Systems

    Currently developing Wordpress sites and working with Karta marketing automation, Mailchimp and membership systems.

  • Financial Mindfulness


    React Product Manager, Financial Mindfulness

    This startup promotes personal financial stress reduction via an eLearning app. In this green field project I worked on the MVP product design and production and the Wordpress marketing site.

  • Veromo


    Angular Frontend Developer, Veromo

    One year contracting with Veromo, a startup helping new business owners get through the registration red tape. In this green field project I worked on a new Wordpress marketing web site and a member portal built as an Angular web app.

  • Trading Pursuits


    Head of Development,
    Trading Pursuits

    For 6 years I managed online product development for a stock market investment and education company. I ran the team and managed products and projects including web/mobile apps, investment portals, marketing, events, eCommerce and eLearning. My technical outlet was frontend development for web and mobile.

  • Christine Manfield


    Web Consultancy, Spike Systems

    I left corporate IT life in 1998 having caught the web bug, and started my own web consultancy. I designed and built marketing, eCommerce and member sites for business, not-for-profit and online communities, migrating in 2005 to Joomla CMS. I then started and directed the Joomla Annual Conference and User Group from 2006 to 2012.

  • Dev Team Manager


    Development Team Manager and Business Analyst, QAD and Citibank

    Hopped off the plane in Sydney. Liked it. Dug deeper in to software architecture and business consulting. I ended up working in high-end business, financial and manufacturing software for multi-nationals and managing big project teams. Until I got hooked on the web, that is, and never looked back.

  • Developer in UK

    pre 1991

    Software Designer/Developer, various (UK)

    I emerged from Uni with an I.T. degree, frothing at the mouth with the joy of recursion and the magnificence of the mobius strip. I had adventures in business consulting, database design and software development and it was Good! I learnt to apply theory to real life and make myself useful in the business world.

  • Bristol adventures

    The Early Years

    Exploration Begins

    Busy on other voyages of discovery around the hills and valleys of my childhood neighbourhood, Bristol UK and so on to school, Uni and the big ole world.

What Else?

If I'm at large, I am probably out enjoying the beach with my ocean swimming buddies.

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